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What we get up to.....


Meetings of Six


Determined to meet as often as we could during the pandemic, some of our gatherings had to take place under the "Rule of Six"

A planned Raising ceremony for one of our young members had to be postponed due to the restrictions being imposed with regard to the numbers allowed to meet outside of the home..


Instead the Lodge held a short business meeting where the minutes of the previous meetings were approved and a few other matters of masonic business were dealt with. Despite the enforced low attendance the Brethren had a good evening, which culminated in drinks and fish and chips (one person to a table!) in the bar at the Masonic Hall. Naturally!

Lodge of Instruction

The Woolsack Lodge of Instruction meets on Wednesday evenings through the Masonic year to assist newer Masons and Junior Officers to get to grips with the words and floorwork used in our ceremonial.


Lodge of Instruction is attended by Past Masters of the Lodge as well as those who are progressing through the various offices and our newcomers who are anxious to find out "what it's all about"


It is the eventual hope that all of our officers from the Inner Guard to the Worshipful Master are able to work our ceremonies to a high level of proficiency without the need to be prompted. The Lodge of Instruction encourages learning in an informal friendly atmosphere. We meet later than at our regular meetings and there is no meal afterwards nor any requirement to wear your masonic suit. Members of other Emulation Lodges are welcome to attend the Woolsack Lodge of Instruction. Please get in touch using the enquiry form on the "Where To Find Us" page to find out which ceremony we are currently working towards.


As a Freemason you could be invited to attend any number of functions and social events ranging from a 10-pin Bowling evening to a Black Tie Dinner & Dance, to many of which you can also invite your non-masonic family and friends. This year there are plans for Woolsack Lodge to hold a Hog Roast and Quiz in September, a Family Sunday Lunch in October, an open meeting and Christmas Meal in December and a Valentines Dinner at the Hogs Back Hotel in February.

Socialising is a great part of being a Mason. Spending time with your Brothers, meeting others and making new friendships is often the part of Freemasonry which our new members enjoy the most. It's a great opportunity to involve wives, girlfriends and partners in what you are doing and who you are doing it with, many of them also make lifelong friendships and even get involved with organising our socials.

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